Why is wedding photography so expensive?

This is a question I see a lot. It's honestly a huge combination of things. Our gear is expensive. The computers, the hard drives, the cloud storage, our hosting galleries, our client management systems, it all comes into play when photographers run their cost of doing business. We're not rich. In fact, most of us are living pretty middle class. The time that goes into a wedding is also a huge factor. An average wedding day is 8 hours. But I spend time before your wedding planning out a timeline, coordinating details, the drive to your wedding. And then editing. Our editing style is a huge part of our brand, and it takes time. On average, I spend ten minutes editing ONE wedding portrait. Everything is a factor when we run our cost of doing business. We promise we're worth it. And we do offer payment plans!

When will we get our photos?

It depends on the season. My contract states up to 16 weeks, however that is highly unlikely. Most wedding galleries are delivered in 10-12 weeks.

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Technically St. Charles. We cover the major metro area. Our standard travel included with our packages covers 100 roundtrip miles. However we do travel further! If within driving distance, we just charge the federal mileage rate. If more than 2.5 hours away, we add hotel cost to the package because wedding days are tiring! We don't want to risk our lives trying to drive a long way back home after leaving a wedding at 9 or 10 PM. We will also travel out of state/country for applicable flight/hotel fees added!

How many pictures will we receive?

I do not guarantee a specific amount of photos. Amount of photos received heavily depends on the day, schedule, and coverage amount. Our average is 50 per hour of coverage.

What is a retainer and how much is it?

A retainer is basically a non-refundable deposit to hold your date. We are not a large company. When we book your date, it is YOUR date and no one else's! The reason it is non-refundable is because we are holding that date specifically for you, and are turning down other clients in that process. We also have to cover the cost of the complimentary engagement session in that retainer. Our retainer fee is 50% of your total package price. The remainder of your balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding/elopement date. We also offer payment plans if it's easier for you to pay smaller chunks!

What if I need to reschedule?

We allow ONE no fee date rechedule as long as it's given within a reasonable amount of time (at least 8 weeks). Keep in mind that we do book up quickly. If we are not available, we will give you the choice of an associate photographer that will photograph the wedding and then give us the images to edit, or cancel and find another photographer. We can of course assist you in finding someone else, but cannot guarantee availability. Your retainer with us is still non-refundable as that date was saved for you. However, we will allow you to use the money paid towards any other type of session with us. More than one date reschedule will be billed at $500 per rescheduled date.

Do I get all the images from my wedding day?

In short, no. We deliver the best edited images to you. We do not release RAW or unedited files under any circumstances.

Why should I choose you to be my photographers?

I mean...we're kinda cool. We're a husband and wife team so you get to hear us jab at each other all day, hahahaha. No, but really. We work really well with each other. We bounce creatively off of each other, and produce great imagery together. We truly become more than just your wedding photographers, and our reviews and images reflect that. Tara is basically your emotional support person throughout the day. She'll tell you where you need to be and when. And if someone is pissing you off or giving you trouble, she has no problem telling them to eff off. She fixes makeup and hair, pins bras, tapes boobies, bustles your dress, basically your BFF for the entire day (and then sometimes after too) Christopher is truly multi-faceted. He has cut bride's hair (on request. Feel like that should be specified. Hahaha.) He has reset dislocated toes. You need a drink? He's your dude. You need someone to look like an idiot on the dance floor? It's him. But he's also the one climbing up on sketchy things to get those amazing shots. Apart from each other, we're both good photographers. Together, we're amazing. In both our personal and our work relationship. We're a lot of fun and try as hard as possible to make sure your day isn't stressful.

Do I get a print release?

Absolutely. I highly recommend using one of my professional labs for your photos though. I cannot guarantee the quality or colors of labs that I do not print through.